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What is the current version of the Oahu Revealed app?


What is the minimum version of Android required for the Oahu Revealed app?


I am having trouble downloading the app from the Google Play Store, what should I do?

See this Google Support page.

How do I return the app?

See this Google Support page on returning apps. However, this page suggests that after the two hour return period is up that you should contact the app vendor which is their way of saying they don't want it to be their problem, but they have your money, not us. If you want to request a refund, go to the download support page and click on the link to chat with them or have them give you a call. They may make a one time exception for you as part of educating you about their return policy.

Can I install the app on more than one device?

Your application purchases are tied to your Google Account and can be installed an unlimited amount of times on any device. So, for example, if you remove Oahu Revealed to save memory, you can reinstall it at a later date with no charge by simply visiting My Apps. You can also re-install apps from from the My Android Apps section.

If you are being asked to purchase an application you have already purchased on Google Play on an existing or previous device, you might be using a different account than the one you were using at the time you made your purchase. Because the application is associated with a different Google Account, you are being charged to purchase it again. Additionally, if you are missing certain apps (free or paid), they might be registered under a different Google account. Fortunately, you can recover access to these apps by simply switching the account you’re currently signed into on Google Play.

I know I can purchase the app from the Google Play Store, but if I want to purchase the app from the Amazon App Store, how do I get the Amazon App Store installed on my device?

The Amazon App Store is the default App Store on Kindle Fire devices and does not require installation. If you want to install the app store on your other Android devices see this Amazon page. Both the Amazon App Store and the Google Play Store allow you to install the app on any device associated with your account, but if you buy the app from from one store, you can't download it from the other store until you purchase the app from that store (so be sure to remember where you bought it).

How do I contact you for support?